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MMA Muscle Gain

MMA Muscle Gain are the ONLY weight loss supplements that can help you lose dramatic amounts of fat without making other changes to your lifestyle. With raspberry ketones, you don't need supplemental crash dieting or insane workouts to assist you with fat loss.

What does it do?

MMA Muscle Gain increases the speed at which your metabolism processes fat, thereby burning off excess calories. No longer will you need to spend hours on a treadmill just to burn off a few calories.

Is MMA Muscle Gain Safe?

Safety is our top concern. This product contains 100% pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is regularly tested to ensure the safety and quality.

"For me MMA Muscle Gain is the best way to be physically fit and healthy at the same time. It helped me to lose more than a few pounds. Thank you for this great product."

Nathan Crawford, LA, California

"Losing weight has always been hard but there is an easier way to reduce weight safely, thanks to this excellent product, MMA Pharm. I have lost 20 pounds so far and I feel amazingly good. You must try this also."

Anthony White, Bismark North Dakota

"I'm so impressed with MMA Pharm I never would have dreamed that I could lose weight faster and they have good health benefits too. These pills are a miracle product and I will be recommending them to all my friends and family."

Penny Harpman, Columbia Missouri

MMA Muscle Gain is proven to be the most effective supplement to lose weight today! Several small studies show that increasing intake of foods high in L-arginine may help ease symptoms, increase exercise tolerance, and improve blood vessel function in people with angina. L-arginine may improve cardiac performance in people with congestive heart failure. L-arginine is also used for bodybuilding, studies show that L-arginine may be effective for managing inflammation of the bladder, relieving leg cramping and weakness caused by blocked arteries (a condition known as intermittent claudication), and improving kidney function in kidney transplant patients taking cyclosporine.

Arginine. The amino acid L-arginine, which occurs naturally in food, boosts the body's production of nitric oxide, a compound that facilitates erections by dilating blood vessels in the penis. Studies examining L-arginine's effectiveness against impotence have yielded mixed results. A 1999 trial published in the online journal BJU International found that high doses of L-arginine can help improve sexual function, but only in men with abnormal nitric oxide metabolism, such as that associated with cardiovascular disease.

L-arginine is a chemical building block called "an amino acid." It is obtained from the diet and is necessary for the body to make proteins. L-arginine is found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. It can also be made in a laboratory and used as medicine. L-arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow. L-arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body.

Dipotassium Phosphate
Disodium phosphate in food is generally regarded as safe and chemically stable. Its use as a preservative prevents or slows down the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms in food, thereby increasing shelf life. Medically, it is used for flushing the liver, clearing it of harmful toxins and preventing microbial growth.

L-citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid found in food, such as watermelons, and also made in the body. Our bodies change L-citrulline into another amino acid called L-arginine and also to nitric oxide. L-citrulline might help increase the supply of ingredients the body needs to making certain proteins. It might also help open up veins and arteries to improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure.

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